What Makes the Gravity Bong Unique?

Gravity Bongs have been around for some time and are one of the most popular forms of smoking. By using a simple water pipe and a lighter, many smokers have experienced the joy of smoking marijuana with a bit more “buzz”. While this is not an original idea (nicorette party were held on ships and in other public places with the same idea), the practice has become popular among many marijuana smokers. The main difference between the original setup and the Gravity Bong is that the Gravity Bong is usually glass and comes with its own lighter.

Gravity Bongs work very much like a water smoking vacuum cleaner. By submerging a normal sized bottle in a gravity vortex bong bowl that sits on the top of an even larger tank or reservoir, the user lights the weed. Then the smoker pushes the bottle down into the water so that the water absorbs some of the smoke as well as the carbon buildup inside the bottle. The bubbles created in the bottle then rise to the surface where the user’s exhale pushes them upward again.

gravity bong

When asked about their thoughts on the original Gravity Bong design, many people were quick to point out how similar it was to a vending machine. However, most people agreed that the concept was still an innovative piece, especially considering that it is only available in a few states at the moment (California, Connecticut, and Maine). There have been many stories about people being pulled over by police, however, because of the “smoke cloud”. This also caused many states to ban the use of this product in their jurisdictions.

Another unique characteristic of this unique device is the ability to inflate it. This was originally designed with one of the biggest challenges being the ability to inflate a glass bowl. A Gravity Bong accomplishes this with the aid of high pressure air. The air is pumped into the water pipe and forces it to expand rapidly. Since there are not many Gravity Bong devices available on the market at the moment, there may be more of these unique pieces on the market in the near future that we haven’t yet seen.

There are many different types of Gravity Bong products that can be found on the internet, including the newer version, the vortex bongs. The Gravity Bong is a new innovation that has made the air cleaners and water pipes dab rigs obsolete. The vortex bongs are a special type of gravity bong that has two bowls that lie side by side, instead of one. The bowls are filled with water and air, respectively.

While the design of the Gravity Bong is different from the usual water bubblers and air cleaners, they are still considered to be amongst the best air cleaners on the market. When you add the fact that they are more advanced and have a few extra benefits over other products, the Gravity Bong is certainly one of the most popular unique devices on the market today. The top chamber in particular will make a great gift idea for someone that loves to entertain, or for anyone that likes to keep their hands busy.

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