What Is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity Bong

A gravity bongo, also called a GB, budgie, geb, peaboon, bucket, bong or potbelly, are simply a device which allows the inhalation of smoke from substances such as marijuana. Invented by German scientists in the 1970’s, the word “ghetto bongo” is said to have been coined by an American friend who was visiting a bongo shop in San Francisco. It is described as a large, open box, often wooden, with a hole in the bottom through which a straw or cigarette butt could be inserted for smoking. Some bongs may also have a built in lighter or fire.

The first bongo was designed to resemble a common toy or small fire extinguisher. The design evolved from that initial version to more conventional bongs with the advent of newer materials and designs. The first versions of the bongo were designed using small amounts of marijuana. As the demand grew, the bongs became more popular and were purchased by both smokers and non-smokers alike.

When used by non-smokers, a gravity bong is considered a gerbil. There are various types of gerbil, such as the original gerbong with a straw and ball shaped bottom to help facilitate the inhalation of marijuana smoke, and the modern versions which are much larger and more decorative. The original gerbong was created by German scientists, and some of the latest versions are made of plastics and metal alloys.

The modern gerbong has many different styles and sizes, each unique for the different type of marijuana it is intended to be used with. Many gerbongs are designed for marijuana, which is smoked fresh or to be smoked on the side. Some gerbongs are designed to be used in conjunction with another piece of marijuana such as a pipe. This can include smoking a joint with a bongo or vice versa.

The gerbong has several different functions. Some have small holes which are designed to hold marijuana leaves, while others have larger holes to hold a hook or stem. A hook or stem is designed to allow the user to be able to “stretch out the bongo and inhale the marijuana directly into the lungs. Some bongs may even have a hole where the marijuana is wrapped up and ready for storage. The larger holes can hold a few strands of marijuana and have a hook or stem attached to make a cigar lighter fit.

The gerbong has become a very popular item which many people collect. The size and appearance of the gerbong will change depending upon the amount of marijuana that is smoked. Some can be found in all shapes and sizes with different styles of colors or themes. Some can have a theme, which is the same style or color as the gerbong itself.

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