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A very rare photo!  Here is one of the only scenes in which the entire crew is visible at once.  Mr. Leslie is at the far right of the shot


This shot is from the mutiny scene in "This Side of Paradise" where he is confronted by Kirk while waiting to transport down to the planet.


Although not one of the 5 or 6 main characters, he was always near the action in any scene in which he appeared.  This scene was from "The Trouble With Tribbles."


A very rare scene for any of the actors, especially an extra.  Mr. Leslie is sitting at the con on the Enterprise.  As Eddie is fond of saying, "Red shirts Rule!".


Immediately after this scene was shot, William Shatner left to fly to Canada for the funeral for his father.


Eddie was the only actor to "die" in an episode and then return the following week as if nothing had happened!  This was because a scene in which the supposedly dead crew was to be brought back to life by a magic potent was never shot.   From "The Obsession".

.(Photo courtesy www.Stinsv.com)

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