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Eddie Paskey rarely had anything to say, but as Lt. Leslie he appeared in roughly half of all the original series episodes.  If you don't know who he is, watch the episode "This Side of Paradise."  He's the guy waiting to transport down to the planet who commits mutiny in front of Captain Kirk.  Eddie had a great career on the Enterprise.  He's been seen wearing a gold, blue, and red shirt.  He died and came back to life in the same episode (Obsession).  He's been Spock pinched.  He's been the navigator and is one of only a handful of people to ever sit in the con.  He even played "Mr. Connors", one of McCoy's medical assistants!

But, how did he get the name "Lt. Leslie"?  This was a result of his friendship with William Shatner.  During a scene in which Eddie was at the helm, Bill felt that he should have a name since he was to issue a command to Eddie.  Thus, he became "Mr. Leslie" named after Shatner's oldest Daughter, Leslie!


Before his acting career, Eddie Paskey worked with his father running a service station in Pacific Palisades where many of their customers were members of the TV and movie industry.  His acquaintance with Irving Elman, producer of the Ben Casey series, led to a small part as a motorcycle officer on the show in 1965.  His one and only line to actor Ben Johnson, "Do you want to follow me to the hospital?"

This was followed by bit parts on other series including Mission Impossible, Police Story, and the second pilot for Star Trek.  In "Where No Man Has Gone Before", he was a background actor, playing a guard.  When the series sold, he began appearing regularly.  This led to him being used in actual scenes, as a stand-in for William Shatner during scene set-ups, and often as a stand-in for Shatner in long shots.  

He can be seen in nearly every episode from the first two seasons as well as a few from the third.  He played many scenes as a "red shirt", usually the first to die when exploring a planet.  He is the only one though, to have died in one episode ("Obsession") and returned in the next!  This was due to to the fact that a scene from the script that was never shot indicated that the victims were brought back to life!

It was during the third year of the series that Eddie decided it was time to retire from Star Trek.  He had been having cluster headaches that were further aggravated by the set lighting.  In a scene in which he received a "Spock pinch" and was thrown against a railing, he felt his back go out.  At this point, Eddie knew he could no longer handle the job's activities.


Over the years, since Star trek, Eddie has maintained his ties to the entertainment industry while owning and operating a successful business.   Today, having recently sold the business, Eddie is actively pursuing his acting career on a part-time basis, appearing in various movie and TV series.  


Episodes Eddie Paskey Has Appeared In

Obsession The Deadly Years
The Squire of Gothos And the Children Shall Lead
Space Seed The Enemy Within
This Side of Paradise The Omega Glory
The Alternative Factor The Enterprise Incident
The Naked Time Catspaw
The Conscience of the King The City on the Edge of Forever
Mudd's Women The Troubles with Tribbles
Operation: Annihilate! Balance of Terror
Where No Man Has Gone Before A Piece of the Action
Shore Leave Arena
The Devil in the Dark The Man Trap
Who Mourns for Adonis Charlie X
The Doomsday Machine Dagger of the Mind
The Changeling Metamorphosis
Bread and Circuses Assignment: Earth
The Immunity Syndrome Spectre of the Gun
By Any Other Name Elaan of Troyius
Return to Tomorrow Tomorrow is Yesterday
The Return of the Archons Wolf in the Fold


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